New elections damage Kosovo, German ambassador says

New elections damage Kosovo, German ambassador says

Pristina, 6 October 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

German ambassador to Kosovo, Angelika Viets, expressed her objection today against the idea of holding early elections in Kosovo.

“I’m worried about irresponsible voices who talk about fresh elections, although Kosovo has a functional government with a clear majority in parliament”, Viets says.

Considering the scenario of elections as the “worst one for Kosovo and its people”, ambassador Viets said that in case this scenario is implemented, Kosovo risks the process of the visa liberalization regime and its relations with donors.

“Following last year’s elections and the six month gridlock during which Kosovo made steps backwards in many aspects, this would be the worst scenario for the people of Kosovo”, she said.

Viets called on politicians of the country not to be driven by personal agendas, given that they have been voted to represent people in institutions.

“Politicians are elected representatives and must put the well-being of the people and of their country above their personal interests and ambitions”, Viets said. /ibna/