Elections in B&H to be held October 12

Elections in B&H to be held October 12


By Liljana Meshaj

General Elections in B&H are scheduled for 12 October 2014, announced the Chairman of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of B&H Stjepan Mikić. The decision to call elections, CEC adopted at the meeting held on 15 May 2014 and in accordance to that citizens of B&H in October will directly chose the new composition of three member state Presidency, members of the House of Representatives of the State Parliament, members of the House of Representatives of Federation of B&H Parliament, Assemblies of ten counties in the entity and the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska.

In addition, a new president of Republic of Srpska will be elected and two Vice Presidents of entities.

B&H citizens who live abroad will be able to vote near the diplomatic and consular missions in 24 countries of the world.

“All the voters that want to vote abroad should register until 29 July”, said Mikić.

CEC will announce the first preliminary results of voting at midnight October 12 and the final confirmation of the election results shall be announced by November 11.

Implementation of the election should cost around 4.5 million euros. “8.8 million BAM (4.5 million euros) have been allocated from the B&H budget for the implementation of the election”, said Mikić.

Central list of voters will be closed on August 28 and currently the list contains names of 3.231.000 potential voters. Political parties and independent candidates may apply for participation in the election by the end of May, followed by verification of fulfillment of conditions stipulated by law.

Also, it is to be regretted the issue of implementation of local elections in Mostar which has not been resolved yet and thus elections will not be conducted there in October.

Elections in Mostar last time were conducted in 2008, and after that the judgment of the B&H Constitutional court repealed the provision of the city statute on the election of candidates with different number of voters to elect an equal number of representatives in the city council. City statute has never aligned with the ruling of the Constitutional Court because the HDZ B&H party and the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) failed to reach an agreement about it. Thus elections did not take place in Mostar in 2012, where elections were conducted for the local authorities in all other parts of the country. The judgment of the Constitutional Court for the elections of the Mostar City Council is not implemented yet.

Moreover, general elections in B&H are coming soon but some specific issues related to the equal right for all citizens to be elected or to be chosen as a representative in any governing organ has not been solved. More specifically, must be mentioned the failure to implement the judgment of the European Court for Human Rights in the case Sejdić-Finci.

As the Vice President of the European Parliament Delegation to Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo Jelko Kaci stated: “while B&H economy and unemployment continues go in a tailspin, some members of the political elite have been unable to find a consensus on the most fundamental issues such as the democratic right of every citizen to stand for election”.

Finally, with the election process approaching and with many shortcomings in B&H politics, all what is left is to hope for changes to happen in this country and for a new constitution.