New election reform in Albania

New election reform in Albania

Tirana, 28 January 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

Albanian parliament gives way to a new electoral reform, a few days after the leaders of the main political parties met in Tirana. Parliament is expected to vote on Thursday the new composition of the ad hoc election reform committee. This reform aims at approving changes in the electoral code, which will be applied in the parliamentary elections of 2017.

The committee will have 10 members, 5 from the majority and 5 from the minority and it will be chaired by two co-chairmen. The DP has chosen these MPs who are also experts on electoral issues: Oerd Bylykbashi, Arben Ristani, who is a former chairman of the Central Election Commission, Gent Strazimiri and former minister of Justice, Eduard Halimi. A member of the opposition is expected to be appointed by the Republican Party.

Meanwhile, socialists are expected to formalize the names of the lawmakers in the committee and three MPs who have been proposed are former prime minister Bashkim Fino, the former chairwoman of an NGO, Vasilika Hysi and Ulsi Manja.

SMI has chosen the former minister of Health, Petrit Vasili as member of this committee and a member from the Party for Justice, Integration and Unity, known as the Tcham party, is also expected to be proposed. /ibna/


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