Election campaign to start in Kosovo today

Election campaign to start in Kosovo today

Political parties in Kosovo officially launch their one month election campaign for the local government elections which will be held on 22 October.

The Central Election Commission has certified 1 coalition, 35 political parties, 30 civil incentives, and 25 independent candidates.

The elections will also be monitored by the EU mission and NGOs in Kosovo.

The campaign will last 30 days, while electoral silence will be observed on 21 October.

Experts of political affairs told IBNA that national topics will dominate these elections instead of local topics.

Analyst Shkelzen Dakaj says that political parties in Kosovo are unable to make a difference between local and parliamentary electoral campaigns.

“I think that the election campaign for the local elections must focus on the basic issues that concern an individual and a household such as road, water supply, air and everything that we encounter when we start our day”, Dakaj said.

The same opinion is also shared by analyst Vilhard Shala, who says that in this campaign, leaders will focus on big national topics such as the creation of the Army of Kosovo, demarcation with Montenegro, European-Atlantic integration and relations with the neighboring countries. /balkaneu.com/