Election campaign in Kosovo lacking intensity

Election campaign in Kosovo lacking intensity

Kosovo is holding an election campaign ahead of the 22 October local government elections which the country will hold

To observers, the election campaign is not that intense and political parties have focused on the biggest cities of the country.

Albert Krasniqi of the Democracy in Action Organization, says that the election campaign is not seeing many political activities by political parties.  According to him, this time, political parties are focusing on their political programs.

Meanwhile, Valmir Ismaili of “Democracy Plus” says that this campaign is not very different to the one four years ago.

“This campaign is not very different. This campaign is being led by the leaders of the central government, although these are local elections. Meanwhile, as far as the quality of candidates is concerned, we can say that in some cases, candidates have been chosen with the mere scope of participating in the race, without paying much attention to the quality of representatives who are running”, Ismaili says. /balkaneu.com/