Election campaign in FYROM starts on Monday

Election campaign in FYROM starts on Monday

The election campaign for the early general elections of 11 December will start on 21 November.

Admir Shabani, spokesman of the Central Election Commission told IBNA that the campaign will last 20 days, as these are early elections.

11 subjects will race in these elections. Five of them are coalitions and six of them are political parties.

The coalitions are: “For a better Macedonia” led by VMRO-DPMNE, the opposition coalition led by SDSM, “Alliance for Albanians” coalition, “VMRO for Macedonia” coalition and “Coalition for change and justice”. Meanwhile the political parties are BDI, PDSH, “Besa Movement”, PPD, “The Left” and “Liberal Party”.

These polls are held to elect 123 MPs, 3 of which are elected by the Diaspora. /balkaneu.com/