Egyptian Foreign Ministry: Our priorities lie in coordination with Greece and regional issues

Egyptian Foreign Ministry: Our priorities lie in coordination with Greece and regional issues

As part of the ongoing communication between the Foreign Ministers of Egypt and Greece, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry welcomed, today, on Thursday 18 June, his Greek counterpart Nikos Dendias, with the two sides discussing ways to find a way to promote and develop cooperation between the two friendly countries in various fields, while also tapping on regional affairs and international issues of common interest.

In a statement, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ahmed Hafez notes: “Minister Shoukry welcomed his Greek counterpart and expressed his satisfaction with the high level of cooperation between Cairo and Athens at various levels, both bilaterally as well as in the tripartite cooperation scheme comprising Egypt, Greece and Cyprus. Sameh Shoukry also noted that Egypt gives priority to the continuous coordination with Greece in all common issues, for the benefit of the two friendly peoples and countries, supporting security and stability in the region”.

Ahmed Hafez also clarified that Minister Shoukry stressed the need to maintain the dynamics of relations observed in recent years, especially with regard to the economic ties bonding the two countries, with the Foreign Minister stressing the need to continue working to encourage Greek companies to increase their investments in Egypt, in order to take advantage of the promising opportunities in various fields, something that, in addition to increasing the value of transactions, will reflect the high level of political relations between the two countries. The two men also discussed co-operation in the tourism sector, given the importance of the tourism industry in both countries.

On the other hand, Hafez said that during the meeting the two officials also discussed ways to combat the spread of coronavirus, stressing the importance of international community solidarity in tackling the pandemic and limiting its impact on health, the economy and society, while expressing the desire for increased cooperation between the two countries in exchanging experiences.

Regarding regional issues, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesman added that the two ministers exchanged views on all affairs and ways to deal with the latest developments in the region, especially the situation in Libya, where Minister Shoukry reaffirmed the importance of efforts to support Cairo’s recent political initiative, under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, in order to reach a comprehensive political solution that maintains the institutions of the Libyan state, to preserve the capabilities of the Libyan people, create a new stage for maintaining the sovereignty and unity of Libyan territory, security and stability, and to ensure the elimination of all manifestations of terrorism and extremism, as well as to prevent the pursuit of foreign intervention. The two ministers also discussed developments in the Eastern Mediterranean region. In this context, they stressed the need for all parties to respect and implement the rules and regulations of international law, while warning of the consequences of taking illegal provocative measures that increase the level of tensions in the region.

The developments in the Palestinian issue were also discussed, for which Minister Shoukry underlined the need to maintain the two-state solution and uphold the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people until the establishment of their independent state, as it constitutes an essential component of any comprehensive, fair and sustainable settlement of the issue, while sending a message against the risk of any unilateral actions that could exert more pressure by enhancing complexity and intensity, which could threaten the stability of the region. On the other hand, Minister Shoukry presented to his Greek counterpart the latest developments in the Dam-Al-Nahda issue, pointing to the deterioration of the situation as a result of the Ethiopian intransigence, despite the seriousness shown by Cairo to reach a fair and balanced agreement which would take into consideration the interests of the three countries. The Egyptian Foreign Minister stressed the seriousness of any unilateral move before an agreement is reached between the three countries.

For his part, Nikos Dendias reaffirmed the historic friendship between Egypt and Greece, stressing his country’s willingness to continue working to strengthen co-operation between the two countries in all areas, pointing to the priority Greece attaches to coordination and consultation with Egypt as a pillar of security and regional stability.

The Greek Minister expressed his support for the Cairo Declaration on Libya, with which he hopes to resolve the crisis there, emphasizing that he is against any third-party interference and the relevant negative effects on the Libyan landscape and throughout the region.

The Greek Foreign Minister concluded his remarks by noting that the twelfth round of technical talks between the two countries on the issue of demarcation of the maritime border between Egypt and Greece took place in the context of the two ministers’ meeting today. Work continued between the two sides to reach an agreement, for the benefit of the two countries. In view of achieving interests of the two friendly countries. /ibna