Egypt recognizes the independence of Kosovo

Egypt recognizes the independence of Kosovo

Pristina, June 26, 2013

The vice president of Egypt, Pakinam Al Sharkaui had warned the recognition of the independence of Kosovo on the occasion of its fifth anniversary of independence and today, and today Egypt has confirmed this recognition.

“I just received the news from the collaborator of President of Egypt, Mr. Mursi that Egypt had recognized the independence of Kosovo. The oldest state in the world recognized the youngest state in Europe”, wrote the Foreign Minister of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj on Facebook.

The decision that Egypt has recognized the independence of Kosovo has been conveyed to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj.

Egypt is one of the most populated countries of Africa and Middle East and the country which has a significant influence in this part of the continent.

Pakinam Al Sharkaui had participated in the state ceremony of the celebration of the independence of Kosovo. /ibna/