Edi Rama: High taxes fight corruption

Edi Rama: High taxes fight corruption

Tirana, December 20, 2013/ Balkan Independent News Agency

Albanian prime minister, Edi Rama says that the increase of taxes is a factor which helps in the fight against corruption. Speaking in a meeting with a group of citizens and representatives of small businesses in Tirana, Mr. Rama commented the incoming budget.

According to him, any claim that Albania will collapse is an attempt to confuse the public on a number of drastic changes on the approach of the government toward economy and finances.

The Prime Minister said that the truth is entirely different, reminding that the last government led the country to a crisis.

“A big lie which aims to scare people and aims to distance us from those who had faith in us. By making a drastic transformation of the taxation system, which aims to put an end to the injustice of a system according to which, who earns more, pays less. The opposite will happen in the 2014 budget, who earns more, will pay more. Earnings tax on big corporations will increase, because they earn more and as a result, they will pay more”, said Rama.

Rama also said that big companies will pay 15% from 10%, adding that the burden of corruption will be lifted. /ibna/