Economic relations between Turkey and FYROM after the coup attempt

Economic relations between Turkey and FYROM after the coup attempt

Skopje, 3 August 2016/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

The coup d’etat attempt in Turkey and the following developments have had an impact in the economic relations between the two countries. This has had an effect in the domain of tourism, as several tour operators have reported that a part of the citizens of the country have canceled their holidays to Antalya and other Turkish coastal locations.

Turkish ambassador to Skopje, Omur Solendil says that the sector of tourism has been affected by the coup attempt and the latest unrest.

“In order to prevent such activities, Turkish authorities have taken all necessary security measures. In this context, I don’t see any threats for the security of tourists in Turkey. Unfortunately, such events are taking place in other European countries which have also taken security measures”, ambassador Solendil said.

Ejup Kahveci from the Macedonian-Turkish Chamber of Commerce said that economic relations between the two countries has not changed after the recent unrest in Turkey. According to him, media in the country have offered inaccurate information.

Elmi Aziri, professor of economics at the University of Southeastern Europe told IBNA that further tension in Turkey would also be reflected in economic relations with FYROM.

“Of course there will be negative effects, because Turkish market will shrink. But there may also be barriers. We know that this coup d’etat attempt had a 90 billion USD cost for Turkey. These are the negative effects which will also be reflected in other aspects”, Aziri said.

Aziri admits that FYROM depends to a large extent from the import of Turkish goods.

According to the Institute of Statistics in Skopje, commercial exchange between the two countries in the first five months of the year saw a rise of 21,5% compared to 2015. /