Economic freedom: Albania improves its ranking

Economic freedom: Albania improves its ranking

Tirana, 16 September 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

Albania ranks 62nd in the 157 world economies as far as economic freedom is concerned. Referring to the Economic Freedom Index of Fraser Institute, Albania is in the green area of the economic freedom map with 7,18 points out of 10 points, which is the maximum number of points.

The study published this year has been carried out in 2013, compared to the previous year. Albania has marked progress in the ranking by gaining five places. The study is based on five domains.

As far as government expenses are concerned, Albania has received 7,8 points out of 10 points, ranking  21st. In terms of legal security and ownership rights, Albania has 4,7 points out of ten and ranking 108 due to problems in this domain.

As far as circulation of money is concerned, Albania is evaluated positively on the 12th position. As far as international commerce is concerned, Albania ranks 66th, which is not considered to be a positive ranking. In terms of the functioning of the labor market and business crediting, Albania ranks 135th. /ibna/