Former economic director of PASOK faces felony charges

Former economic director of PASOK faces felony charges

Athens, September 30, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Former responsible for finances of PASOK Rovertos Spyropoulos has been summoned by Justice and faces felony charges after the prosecution against him by the Prosecutor of Athens.

The preliminary examination for the economic situation of PASOK was concluded with the prosecution for a felony brought against Spyropoulos, who was the only one who was asked to give explanations as a suspect of the debt of approximately EUR 140 mln that appears to have been created from 2004 to 2012 and swelled unjustifiably over George Papandreou’s presidency.

Charges against Spyropoulos concern:

a) infidelity, which consists of mismanagement of 15 million. €, which reportedly was cash in the safe of the party in the period 2007-2009.

b) fraud, which consists of a loan of EUR 5 mln from Attica Bank in 2010, with guarantee the future government grant, of which Spyropoulos had argued that it had not been given elsewhere. In reality, however, it had already been assigned to three other banks for loans that exceed the amount of the grant.

During the period in question, Spyropoulos managed the finances PASOK and was later upgraded to General Director and Governor of IKA.


“The prosecution for felony fraud and infidelity against the former responsible for the finances of PASOK, Rovertos Spyropoulos, highlights the interweaving that had been created systematically by ND and PASOK”, SYRIZA says in its announcement and notes that “the miserable status-quo of interweaving and corruption will end, no matter how much it bothers ND, PASOK and their now and forever protectors”.

SYRIZA points out in the statement that “according to the indictment, PASOK received a loan of 5 million euros from the Bank of Attica, with only guarantee the government grant of the party, which however had been given to three other banks from which it had also received loans”.

It is also stressed that “the data that have emerged from the Examonation Committee of the House show that ND and PASOK loans from banks reach EUR 400 million”.

It is also stated in the announcement that “Rovertos Spyropoulos was not acting alone, but was following orders from above, for which his whole party is accountable”.

That said, SYRIZA raises the following questions:

– Do ND and PASOK intend to ever repay back these loans?

–  Do they realize the size of their political disrepute, when the same time that they were taking loans the Greek people was bleeding from their policies?

– Will Ms Gennimata Mr Mitsotakis apologize for these options?

“Let them be certain”, concludes the statement of SYRIZA, “that the miserable status of interweaving and corruption will end, no matter how much it bothers ND, PASOK and their now and forever protectors”.


In high tones came PASOK’s reply to SYRIZA’s announcement on the occasion of the charges against Rovertos Spyropoulos on the financies of PASOK.

“The study of SYRIZA to slander PASOK before justice rules is revealing of the panic of the regime”, refers to communication of Trikoupi, pointing out that this case took the path of auditing by the courts for years, with exclusive PASOK initiative.

“They can not shake the finger those who were just caught red-handed. We do not accept compensations!

Our position is firm and clear.

Transparency everywhere for everyone and everything”, PASOK points out and argues that “whoever chooses the role of political censor must before that order a corresponding audit of sworn accountants in party finances and to deliver it to justice, as only PASOK in all the political system has done”.