Economic cooperation between Kosovo and Albania is making progress

Economic cooperation between Kosovo and Albania is making progress

Kosovo and Albania continue to strengthen their economic cooperation.

Part of this cooperation is also the “Buy Albanian” expo which is held in Pristina.

Over 100 companies from Albania have shown their products in this expo.

Albanian Minister of Economic Development, Tourism and Trade, Milva Ekonomi, said that authorities in Tirana are collaborating with authorities in Pristina in order to register marks, as an easier way to export.

“We’re working together to register these marks. We’re also aware of the fact that consumers need to be protected at the moment they consume a product of this kind. This is why we’re working in order for our agreements to be regulated in the domain of the manufacturing of products which are used for export”, Ekonomi said.

Genc Bashota, representative of the Commune of Pristina, said that there’s a lot of interest by businesses in this expo.

“This year, there’s been a greater interest than other years. We have over 120 manufacturers from Kosovo, Albania and other places where Albanians live. This means that there’s a greater awareness of manufacturers and consumers to exchange national products”, Bashota said.

Experts of economic affairs say that economic cooperation between Kosovo and Albania has marked progress, but statistics show that this progress is minor. Official data show that up until now, the value of import for 2016 has reached 2,86 billion euros. Out of this amount, 99 million euros are products imported from Albania.

On the other hand, the value of exports until the end of October was around 300 million euros and out of this, only 15 million euros worth of products have been exported to Albania.

In order to have a better cooperation, billions of euros have been invested in infrastructure. Durres-Kukes-Morina highway, linking Kosovo to Albania, has facilitated the circulation of goods in both countries.

Serb products remain at the top of imported products

Meanwhile, data from the Kosovo Agency of Statistics indicate that Serbia continues to be the main importer for Kosovo.

This agency has published on Tuesday the statistics regarding foreign trade in October of this year, indicating the biggest percentage of imports in Kosovo is occupied by Serbia with 12%, Germany with 12%, Italy with 7.2%, FYROM with 6%, Albania with 4.3% and so on.

The total amount of import for October was 241,3 million euros, while exports amounted to 27,1 million euros. /