Economic cooperation helps in the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia

Economic cooperation helps in the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia

Pristina, 13 May 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

At a time when politics in Kosovo and Serbia have been aggravated due to the numerous ethnic tensions in the region, the business community of these two countries is discussing the intensification of collaboration in the economic domain.

Kosovo’s Chamber of Commerce and Serbia’s Chamber of Commerce have held a meeting in Pristina with the presence of 40 businesses, in order to express their commitment for the improvement of cooperation in the economic plan.

Business representatives say that relations between the two countries can only be relaxed through economy. According to them, economy will also strengthen dialogue for the normalization of relations between the two countries.

Chairman of Kosovo’s Chamber of Commerce, Safet Gerxhaliu said that business collaboration between the two countries facilitates dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia and completes this dialogue even more.

“Different agreements of a political nature may be signed. They have been signed and they will be signed in the future. But, these agreements may only be strengthened through economic collaboration and economic development. It’s an important moment, when Europe must understand that in the Balkan too there’s a readiness for dialogue, for partnership. This is why we should offer Balkan a future of economic development through dialogue”, Gerxhaliu said.

Meanwhile, head of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Marko Cadez said that every contact and agreement between businesses, is a plus for economies of both countries and for the region in general.

“We want to highlight that every contact, every agreement that comes out of this event is a plus for our economies and the region in general, because no process that we desire so much, such as the process of European integration, is meaningful if we don’t collaborate together, if we don’t create new jobs and if we do not make new things”, Cadez said.

The participants were also addressed by business people from Kosovo and Serbia, while entrepreneur, Gazmend Abrashi criticized both sides.

“I believe that we must also correct something and this is gender equality. I see that there are no women in both sides of the business communities and this is a significant indicator”, Abrashi said.

The forum was also addressed by the representative of the Dutch embassy, who praised cooperation between the two countries.

At the end, an agreement was also signed between Kosovo’s Chamber of Commerce and Serbia’s Chamber of Commerce. /ibna/