CEC demands media in Albania not to broadcast the electoral campaign before the legal deadline

CEC demands media in Albania not to broadcast the electoral campaign before the legal deadline

Tirana, 5 May 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

Political parties have already started the electoral campaign, although it officially starts on May 22.

In the recent weeks, an intensive campaign is being held by the main political parties with several meetings and rallies during the day throughout Albania.

The media has intensively reflected these electoral activities.

But, the election law which has been approved by the same parties that are violating it, says that the campaign only lasts 30 days and is held up until one day before the elections.

This way, for the June 21 elections, the campaign must take place from 22 May until 19 June.

The Central Election Commission has identified this violation, therefore, its chairwoman, Lefteri Luzi issued a public declaration today where she officially demanded every electoral activity to be suspended.

“The Central Election Commission calls on political parties to stop the electoral campaign at once, as these are violations of the Electoral Code”, said Mrs. Luzi.

The head of CEC warned legal sanctions and these sanctions consist on fines from 100 thousand to 500 thousand ALL, or 700 to  3500 Euros.

Of course, such figures are modest for the bosses of politics in Albania, therefore it seems that they ignore the law that they have approved themselves, because the fines that they have issued to themselves are insignificant for their budgets.

The head of CEC mentions one article that prohibits the media that broadcast illegal campaigns: “This appeal is valid for all media which are obliged to apply the Electoral Code, therefore no media should broadcast any electoral material from candidates or political parties”, Luzi said.

Following Luzi’s appearance, the three main parties announced several electoral meetings held today and a number of other electoral activities for tomorrow and the days to come. /ibna/