EC concerned about the legislative process in Romania

EC concerned about the legislative process in Romania
The legislative process in Romania and the possible amendments to the laws of justice and to the Criminal Codes have left no one unconcerned. On Monday, December 18, the European Commission has announced through a press release, that it follows developments "with attention". As expected and understood by the people of Romania, but not considered by Bucharest until now, "the EC claims that the consultation of the Venice Commission is important in order to ensure transparency".

The EC release reads that in the latest Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) report, the Commission has underlined that, in regard to the laws of justice, the Government and the Parliament should ensure an open legislating process, transparent and constructive. The document also reminds that the EC stressed the importance of consulting the Venice Commission, as essential part of  increasing confidence in the reforms, the Romanian news site, informs.

Moreover, the press release states that last week, the European Council adopted the conclusions of the latest CVM report, which requests the Romanian authorities to consider the entire package of recommendations from the EC in order to successfully conclude the CVM process, reads

Photo: Bodan Vija/Shutterstock

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