Earthquakes in Ohrid are making tourists leave

Earthquakes in Ohrid are making tourists leave

Four new earthquakes were registered this morning in Ohrid. The first earthquake happened at 2.12 am, measuring 2,8 on the Richter’s scale, while the other earthquakes, measuring up to 3,3 on the Richter’s scale fell until 5 am.

Hotel and restaurant owners admit that they don’t have a large number of tourists in them and this may be due to the earthquakes.

Hotels say that there are even people who, in spite of paying for their rooms, haven’t arrived in Ohrid.

Krste Blazevski, chairman of the Hotel Association says that there is cause for concern, but according to him, the real wave of tourists is expected to start in the days to come.

“Beaches are filling up, but not as they should do. This weekend, we didn’t see the regular holiday makers, but this relates to the earthquakes. As far as foreign tourists are concerned, they are coming as per the bookings that were made and there are no massive cancellations”, Blazevski said.

Residents who rent out rooms are the most damaged ones. Emil A, who rents out rooms in the center of Ohrid, says that there’s a drop in the number of tourists. “The number of tourists has fallen due to the earthquakes. We receive domestic tourists and news of earthquakes have forced them not to come”, said Emil. He is optimistic that the earthquakes will stop and that there will be a wave of tourists in the days to come.

Insurance companies in Ohrid have reported an increase in the recent days of the number of insurance policies against earthquakes. Local authorities said that so far, 200 people have registered damages in their homes or businesses.

Meanwhile the epicenter of the earthquakes is 7 km northeast of Ohrid. In the past 20 days, Ohrid has been affected by 1200 earthquakes. /