“E”, the despair that pales the seventh anniversary of the independence of Kosovo

“E”, the despair that pales the seventh anniversary of the independence of Kosovo

IBNA Special Report

Pristina, February 17, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

The NEWBORN national symbol is located at the center of Pristina. It’s an obelisk which commemorates many things on Kosovo and among them, the birth of the youngest state. Today, seven years later, the independence of Kosovo is seen by its citizens as a great victory, which has filled them with joy. But besides this joy, disappointment is even bigger for many domains of life.

Thus, the obelisk of Kosovo’s independence, NEWBORN is different on this seventh anniversary. The letter E is black, different from other letters, as you may see from the photo that IBNA brings you.

The author of this obelisk is Fisnik Ismaili. He says that the appearance of the obelisk of the independence of Kosovo has now taken its final shape. Ismajli says that his new image at the center of the capital, besides the colors and the drawings of the citizens, also has another symbolic.

He explains why the letter E has been made black, stressing that it symbolizes the reality of Kosovo today.

“The black E? The idea of several artists to express themselves on the Exodus, Economy, EULEX, etc. Once again, NEWBORN reflects the Kosovo reality: this reality has started to become black, in a chaos of colors, in search of hope, in search of the feeling that we had seven years ago and which we continue to search”.

Fisnik thinks like many people in Kosovo and not only those tens of thousands of people, mainly youngsters, who abandoned the country last week, in an unprecedented exodus in times of peace.

Celebrations continue

This Tuesday, squares of Pristina were filled with many citizens, who in the absence of activities organized by the Commune of Pristina to mark the 7th anniversary of the Independence of Kosovo, decided to take a walk.

Besides the walks, the monotony in the square is broken by the musical sounds by bands of singers who perform in all the squares of the capital.

Disappointed patriots

Citizens of Kosovo are too much patriotic not to celebrate the anniversary of independence. But, they’re also aware that many things are not going as they were hoping years ago.

For many of them, the 7th anniversary of Independence finds Kosovo at a time of different challenges. The social and economic situation with the departure of thousands of people, has left very little room to celebration.

Several citizens who were asked by IBNA, say that after seven years as a state, they are not happy with what has been done in the country. “Seven years ago we used to celebrate, but now there are no celebrations, because people celebrate when they are well off, not when they are poor”, says one resident. The majority of those who are interviewed mention the serious social crisis, the lack of economic development and constant political crises, as the cause for the serious situation in the country.

Analysts speak

Experts of different domains say that Kosovo is not in a very good position.

Political analyst, Artan Muhaxheri says that citizens in Kosovo have lost faith on the state. “There’s a general political and social stagnation, because the responsible institutions and the political spectrum are not offering ideas to address the most fundamental issues: poverty, unemployment and rule of law”, says analyst Muhaxhiri.

According to him, in the absence of plans, politicians are happy with empty rhetoric, until problems mount up on a daily basis.

Expert of economic affairs, Ibrahim Rexhepi says that Kosovo’s economy is facing many problems. “All indicators show a fall, which reflects the growth of unemployment and poverty. While in 2008, economic growth was 7,2%, in 2014 it fell to 3%. The current growth rate is not enough to overcome the big economic and social problems, which continue to mount up”, says Rexhepi.

However, there are analysts who have positive comments. The chairman of “Rrokum” TV network, Migjen Kelmendi says that this not the Kosovo that was dreamed, but it’s the best Kosovo that has ever existed.

“This, due to the fact that all other “Kosovos” have been administered by governments not emanating from the votes of the people. They were governments imposed by violence, tanks and police. Our Kosovo today is being administered directly by the vote of the people and this is a pleasure”, says he. Meanwhile, he says that economic problems must be solved by the state. /ibna/