Đukanović congratulates Montenegro’s Independence day

Đukanović congratulates Montenegro’s Independence day

“After just 13 years since the renewal of independence and the re-acquisition of international recognition of Montenegro, today we proudly say that the time has confirmed the historical development of our generation,” said Montenegrin President Milo Đukanović.

On the occasion of May 21, Independence Day, he sent the warmest congratulations to all citizens of Montenegro and the best wishes for the faster economic and overall development and progress of the country.

“A country of the warriors with the famous millennial tradition of peaceful democracy, restore its state and national name in a peaceful and democratic way, ranking itself in line with modern European countries,” Đukanović said.

Montenegro, he says, has become an important factor of regional stability, a respected member of the NATO Alliance, on the door of full membership in the European Union.

“A country that is a regional leader in the development of the economy is an increasingly attractive investment and tourist destination with realistic prospects for dynamising growth and improving the quality of life of citizens. Montenegro is a multiethnic community for example in a wider region, devoted to democratic and institutional strengthening, the rule of law and the promotion of human rights and freedoms, according to European standards,” Đukanović said.

All this, he said, is a safe foundation and a prerequisite for further development of Montenegro in line with contemporary European and world trends.

“For the new age, we need new knowledge. We live in the time of the fourth industrial revolution. Therefore, we need to have an education system that will be the key to conquering and implementing new technologies, to prepare the development of society in the digitalization era,” Đukanović said.

According to the head of state, innovations create an environment for overcoming old divisions and retrograde heritage, in the best interests of today, and the generations to come. In these processes, it is necessary, he emphasizes, to modernize the social function of the state, it is necessary for solidarity that has always been adorned by Montenegrin society.

“I strongly believe that the respectable majority of people in Montenegro, based on the concrete results that we have achieved in the meantime and establishing the state through partnership with the most developed Western democracies, are convinced that we took the best choice 13 years ago by taking responsibility for our own future,” Đukanović said.

In the end, Đukanović cupped his statement with a “Long live Montenegro!”/ibna