Drastic increase of salaries for senior officials in Kosovo

Drastic increase of salaries for senior officials in Kosovo

Pristina, March 12, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

The highest authorities in Kosovo benefit a considerable increase of their salary, following the latest decision of the government to increase all categories of salaries in the country by 25%.

With this growth, the president of Kosovo will have the highest salary in the Balkan. As of May 1st, Jahjaga’s salary will go from 3300 Euros to 4100 Euros.

The same increase will also accompany the speaker of parliament, Jakup Krasniqi who as of May 1, will be paid 3 thousand Euros a month.

Krasniqi’s subordinates, the vice speakers of parliament who up until now have been paid 2 thousand Euros a month, will benefit as of May 1 an increase of 25% and will be paid 2500 Euros.

The same increase will also be received by all MPs. An MP has been paid until now 1480 Euros a month, while as of May, they will be paid 1850 Euros a month.

Prime minister Thaci’s salary will  grow to, from 1600 Euros to 2 thousand Euros.

Some people say that the biggest pay increases in the public sector have been made to the heads of high institutions in the country. A worker who is paid 300 Euros a month benefits an increase of 75 Euros, compared to a 800 Euros a month increase that senior officials benefit. /ibna/

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