Dragasakis: ‘They are trying to elect a President within a climate of blackmails’

Dragasakis: ‘They are trying to elect a President within a climate of blackmails’

Athens, December 15, 2014/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

“In climate of blackmail, cultivation of fear and destruction, they are trying to elect the President of the Republic”, said SYRIZA MP Giannis Dragasakis in the regional conference of the main opposition party in Peloponnese.

The political conditions to find the 180 deputies do not exist, said Dragasakis, noting that “Much like the same way they imposed the Memorandums, when they forced MPs to vote without having read them, they are now trying to elect a President of the Republic”.

Giannis Dragasakis estimated that the government will not achieve their goal and will go to elections and that is why SYRIZA, he said, are in the phase of trying to turn their programme into concrete feasible projects of government and social action.

SYRIZA is targeted by the forces that do not want to change anything in the country, because they fear losing their privileges and just to achieve this, they do not hesitate to say the most brazen lied, Dragasakis said.

“In Greece there are certain interests and forces that profit even during the economic crisis and use their access to power to attain profits and privileges, and it is obvious that these forces do not want to change anything”, he added.

SYRIZA, noted Dragasakis, do not ask the blind trust of the people, but “we want to govern with the people. We want to find a way the people themselves to participate in decision-making, because things are difficult and there are no easy solutions”.

Furthermore, he stressed that the situation that has been formed is reversible and must now create recovery conditions.