Dragasakis: The system of interweaving and ills of the past will be eradicated

Dragasakis: The system of interweaving and ills of the past will be eradicated

Athens, October 6, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

“Our political project is part of the formation of a new sustainable growth model, and is the opposite of neoliberalism, the social-liberal consensus and the policies of the conservative national retreat”, said on Wednesday Deputy Prime Minister Yannis Dragasakis, speaking at an open political event of SYRIZA in Athens.

The event was part of the works, in view of the imminent congress of the party.

“In Greece we battle with vested interests. SYRIZA has no dependencies. The system of interweaving will be eradicated”, Dragasakis said and noted that ” the foundations of the meta-memorandum Greece will come through the overthrow of the old and the emergence of the new paradigm of governance. The government is proceeding, will exhaust its term in 2019 and will claim the four-year term for the formation of the new meta-memorandum Greece”, Dragasakis stressed.

The deputy prime minister launched an attack on New Democracy, accusing it that “for more than a year is indulging in scaremongering”, which as he said, “has intensified in recent weeks”.

“Mr Mitsotakis, interweaving television owners and state-dependent entrepreneurs, like a macabre chorus, are trying to paint a picture of disaster”, he said.

“The facts belie them and confirm our forecasts, even from sources they did not expect, such as the IMF”, continued the deputy prime minister. “The downward course of the country has stopped and the objectives are met. The economy is in a phase of relative stabilization and enters a recovery phase which will be accelerated. Unemployment gradually decreases. Our goal is to return to the bond markets by 2017, to achieve a positive agreement on the issue of debt, and on labor issues to ensure the return of collective bargaining in the second evaluation, which will enable workers to demand wage increases, which together with investments will lead the economy to recovery and the country to growth. We seek to reduce and redistribute the tax burden and support the welfare state”, Dragasakis said.

The deputy prime minister also announced the tabling of the draft law on electronic transactions in Parliament in October.

Dragasakis also spoke of the need for major institutional reforms, such as the opening of the debate on constitutional reform and the shielding of society against corruption. Referring to the negotiations with the institutions, the deputy prime minister said that “we want to be consistent, we respect and implement our agreements, but we do not do it blindly and exhaust every margin for negotiation”.

“There are some who have a neocolonial logic, but there are also forces that recognize the impasse of this policy and want to put an end to austerity and pursue another way for Europe. Today there are possibilities of alliances in Europe. The Euro-Mediterranean Conference of Athens proves this”, Dragasakis noted and said:

“In SYRIZA we have been claiming this for years. Is there someone today who argues seriously that Europe does not need to change?”.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that there is a block domestic interests that accuses the government and is against entrepreneurship.

“We actively support socially responsible entrepreneurship, but the system of interweaving and ills of the past will be eradicated, because this is the mandate we received from the Greek people. We will not tolerate caliphs in the position of caliph. Today, even the most skeptical realizes that the government does not have a dependency relationship with any system of interests. We are seeking a system without “our people”, but focusing on the public interest. Instead, New Democracy is in a matching relationship with interest groups that are at the core of interweaving, and consciously fought for the old status-quo and its interests on the issue of television licenses. In this battle with vested interests, ND and part of the opposition appear as defenders of these interests”, Dragasakis stressed and concluded:

“From a little yeast we made SYRIZA. We continue to strengthen ties with the community and to expand our social alliances”.