Dragasakis: ‘Referendum in case of rupture with Europe’

Dragasakis: ‘Referendum in case of rupture with Europe’


Review Hari Stefanatos

His serious doubts as to whether the attempt for SYRIZA’s “unification” has been achieved voiced the vice-president of the Greek Parliament and member of the main opposition Giannis Dragasakis.

“We have to become” a unified party, Dragasakis said yesterday during his speech at the Greek Annex of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundationn in cooperation with Nikos Poulantzas institution, with the title “The Left wing in the government”.

Dragasakis posed the rhetorical question: “have we become a unified party?”, to answer “let’s leave it at that” and “lets discuss it in a year’s time”, adding however that “we must become one (unified party)”.

Regarding the party’s characteristics, Dragasakis referring to Marx said that “obviously we mean a party with a democratic way of functioning, but with a directional will”.

At the same time he referred to the possibility of a “plan B” in the event of a rupture with Europe, saying that his position on the matter is appealing to the people.

“Any dilemma should be discussed with the people”, explaining that this could either mean resorting to elections, to a procedure of approval through Parliament, or to a Referendum.

“We need to build a new concept; a deeply democratic one”, he pointed out.

(Source Protothema, Matrix24)