Dodik sends letter of appreciation to Chinese President Xi Jiping

Dodik sends letter of appreciation to Chinese President Xi Jiping

Serb member of the BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik, sent a letter of appreciation to President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jiping, pointing out that China has once again proved to be a true friend to all peoples in BiH and the Western Balkans, by providing timely and concrete aid and support without conditions and, above all, sincere and fraternal.

“Often, you were among the first countries to offer and provide the assistance of yours and your country. So, it is the same nowadays. After the first case of coronavirus infection had been confirmed in Banjaluka, your country was the first to offer assistance through the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in BiH, which has already provided us with a certain amount of face masks, hygiene and disinfection agents”, Dodik cites in the letter of gratitude.

The Serb member of the BiH Presidency expressed gratitude to everyone at the Chinese Embassy in BiH, who, along with Ambassador Ji Ping, are seeking additional ways to help combat the spread of coronavirus in BiH.

We are also grateful to your citizens, our Chinese brothers and sisters, who live and work in BiH, for showing a great deal of responsibility towards the communities in which they live, by personal example, but also solidarity through donations and assistance to local communities in combating the spread of coronavirus”, Dodik emphasizes.

Recalling that certain measures have already been taken in BiH to prevent the further spread of coronavirus, Dodik stresses that BiH is a country in transition, with scarce material, technical and professional resources, and without the assistance from other countries, which makes it difficult for BiH to cope with this pandemic.

“Unfortunately, many European countries, which are closer to us geographically, have already publicly stated that they will not be able to help us. We are aware that many other countries have turned to your country for help, as well as the fact that regardless of the development of your large country, you will not be able to help everyone according to their needs.

Left behind by Europe, we are looking at you and hoping that China will help us to win together and show that only by being united can we bring harmony and prosperity to the world. China is exemplifying a new path and an example of the Beijing Consensus, which gives us a new opportunity to position ourselves and develop on equal footing, without conditions and pressure”, stresses the Serb member of the BiH Presidency.

He expressed his gratitude to the Chinese president for his willingness to work together to strengthen China-BiH relations in all fields, especially in the Belt and Road Initiative.

“Dear President, with the best wishes for the peace and well-being of the friendly Chinese people, please receive the assurance of my highest consideration”, reads the letter of appreciation sent by the Serb Presidency member to China’s President Xi Jiping./ibna