Dodik: RS will suspend implementation of NATO Membership Action Plan

Dodik: RS will suspend implementation of NATO Membership Action Plan

RS president, Milorad Dodik, said on Thursday that representatives of this Bosnia and Herzegovina entity will suspend the implementation of the NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP), in accordance with the declaration of the RS National Assembly about the military neutrality of RS.

Dodik said to the media in Banja Luka, that he expects every representative of the entity in all institutions, including those on the state level, to act in accordance with the RS NA decision. He added that interventionism of the international community in BiH also reflected in the act of snatching RS military property away, including the property near the city of Han Pijesak.

In his address to the press, Dodik recalled that during the war in BiH (1992-95), NATO bombed the Serbs twice without the UN’s support and that Serbs will never forget that. Dodik stated that RS wants to have military neutrality just like Serbia, because it “does not want a border at (the) Drina”.

“We adopted the declaration on military neutrality and we are trying to create the models for its application. We have the right to such a stance within BiH because we don’t want to have any kind of borders at the Drina which would also be a border between military alliances,” Dodik said, following a meeting with Serbian Minister of Defence, Aleksandar Vulin.

Dodik noted that he respects the firm stance of Serbia to respect the territorial integrity and internal structure of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which means the agreement between the two entities and three constituent peoples.

“We are not happy with the fact that Serbia, as the guarantor of the Dayton Agreement, is not involved in the Peace Implementation Council and that has thus been eliminated from international activities regarding the treaty implementation,” added Dodik.

The president said Serbia was RS’s biggest economic partner and that the economic co-operation is very important. According to Dodik, this co-operation also includes the possibility of engaging certain capacities which RS has. He noted that the potential of the companies “Orao”, “Famos” and “Kosmos” will be among these capacities. He also said that Serbia has managed to revive its defense industry, in terms of expansive approach to foreign markets.

“That’s where we see our chance, and in the time ahead we will talk about a higher level of integration of our capacities into all this,” said Dodik.

He reiterated that a major crisis had emerged at the level of joint institutions of BiH, that the level of international interventionism is still high and also that ambassadors keep trying to make decisions on internal matters.

Vulin recalled that Serbia is the guarantor of the Dayton Peace Agreement, asserting that it has to be implemented.

“We (Serbia) respect BiH’s territorial integrity and find every agreement between the two entities and three peoples in BiH acceptable. Serbia’s interests are regional peace and stability and a successful RS, whose place within BiH cannot be diminished in any way or threatened by any kind of interpretations,” stressed Vulin.

He added that, in accordance with the policy pursued by the Serbian President and Serbian Army Supreme Commander Aleksandar Vucic, the Ministry of Defence will considerably increase the volume of cooperation with the defence industry of RS, which means that some of the military equipment, like tank and aircraft engines of the Serbian Army, will be overhauled in RS and that Serbia will help RS defence facilities to develop…/IBNA