Documents casting serious suspicions on the elections in FYROM are published

Documents casting serious suspicions on the elections in FYROM are published

Skopje, 23 September 2016/ Independent Balkan News Agency

In Skopje, public opinion has learned about the existence of several documents published by Wikileaks, which offer new details on the period from 2004 to 2008, when the country was governed by OBMRM-PDUKM-BDI and the violence that accompanied the 2008 elections.

One of the documents confirms that in May of 2008, there has been an accord between Ali Ahmeti and Nikola Gruevski to vote the bill on the Albanian language and the one concerning former members of the National Liberation Army.

A second document published today by Wikileaks, mentions the pressure of the then Foreign Minister, Antonio Milososki on ODIHR, through the US ambassador t Skopje, Gillian Milovanovic.

He has demanded from ambassador Milovanovic to exert her influence on ODIHR in relation to the elections, suggesting that the report should include the positive stance of his party.

But the ambassador replied that she did not want to influence on independent reports issued by ODIHR, saying that she would not do such thing even if she could.

The US ambassador has commented Milososki’s request, by saying that this was the first time that the government of FYROM attempted to influence on ODIHR’s report.

This document also includes the other request of the former Foreign Minister, Antonio Milososki, sent to the then representative of the EU to Skopje.

This request was similar and was also rejected. /