Doctors are leaving FYROM

Doctors are leaving FYROM

Rexhail Ramadani is a doctor who is leaving the country as he is unable to find a job due to his political convictions, but even if he found a job, doctors in the country get paid very little. He tells IBNA that many of his colleagues are getting ready to leave because medicine in the country is going nowhere.

FYROM’s Association of Doctors says that a great number of doctors are leaving the country. “220 doctors graduate each year from the Faculty of Medicine, while each year, our institution receives around 170 requests each year from doctors wanting to leave the country”, says Dr. Kalina Stardelova-Grivceva, head of the Association of Doctors.

According to her, if measures are not taken to improve conditions for doctors, especially in terms of pay rises, the country will be left with a very small number of doctors.

The Association of Doctors says that particular wars in several hospitals in the country have no specialists, because they have all left to work abroad or in the capital.

The Ministry of Health says that its priority is to improve working conditions for doctors and nurses, focusing on salary increases.

The government has pledged that salaries will be increased 5% during 2018. The opposition has accused the Prime Minister of not keeping its promise that salaries in the healthcare system would increase in the first six months in office. /