Doctors are abandoning FYROM

Doctors are abandoning FYROM

Skopje, 11 April 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Specialist doctors are abandoning their jobs by leaving to Western European countries for better jobs and better pays.

Redzail Ramadani is a specialist doctor who has left FYROM, as for years now, due to his political convictions, he has not been able to be employed in FYROM.

“I remained jobless for several years because I opposed the policies of the current government, mainly regarding healthcare. This obliged me to move to western European countries. Now I work in a clinic in Germany, where the conditions are much better”, says Redzail Ramadani from Kumanovo.

He says that many of his colleagues have chosen the same path, due to the low wages varying from 400 to 500 euros”.

This fleeing of doctors is also confirmed by the head of the Doctors’ Union, Simon Siljanovski.

According to him, there are around 700 doctors who have left the country.

“Unsatisfied with the salary that they get and the conditions offered in their country, around 700 new doctors have abandoned their profession in Macedonia and have left to Europe for a better life. This trend will continue in the future”, Siljanovski said.

According to him, doctors are leaving due to the better offers that they get.

The Union also warns for another danger in the domain of healthcare, as many specialists are retiring and they will be impossible to be replaced because young specialists are leaving the country.

“Around two thousand specialists are on the verge of retiring. This is alarming and I don’t know what will happen next. Institutions must intervene and offer better conditions in healthcare”, Siljanovski said.

Minister of Health, Nikola Todorov declared that this is a global problem and promised an increase of pays for doctors in order to prevent their departure from the country.

“Globalization means that richer countries can acquire labor force, which is educated in poorer countries. This is one of the negative effects of globalization that all countries like ours fight”, Todorov declared.

Germany and Slovenia are the most preferred countries for doctors from FYROM. Association of Doctors in Skopje says that the departure of the medical personnel from the country comes as a result of the wrong policies followed in healthcare. /ibna/