How are doctors abandoning Albania?

How are doctors abandoning Albania?

Tirana, 31 August 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

A worrying phenomenon has been seen in health centers and hospitals in Albania: Doctors are abandoning the country.

This year alone, 100 doctors left their jobs and abandoned the country. In the last two years, 400 other doctors.

This is considered to be an alarming phenomenon by the President of the Order of Doctors, Dr. Fatmir Brahimaj.

He says that these departures are causing a big void in the healthcare system in the country.

The scheme that they use is very simple: Doctors demand from the Order of Doctors a certificate which identifies their good conduct. This helps them to work in their profession, but with salaries several times higher and better conditions in the EU, USA and Canada.

Dr. Brahimaj expresses his concern that those who have demanded a certificate at the Order of Doctors, in order to be employed in the EU, are specialized doctors and not newly graduated doctors. /