Do numbers always tell the truth about COVID-19? (2)

Do numbers always tell the truth about COVID-19? (2)

Second recording

Having monitored from the start of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the countries covered by the Independent Balkan News Agency LTD IBNA, one can come to a safe conclusion and during the second recording after 20 days.

Each country uses statistics from the pandemic depending on the numbers that serve it.

As such, some countries showcase a low numbers of deaths as a success, others a low number of cases and others whichever number serves them better for domestic consumption, to inform citizens of the success of their government.

But do numbers tell the truth?

All countries, using the official data posted daily by the WHO and the statistical data per million in deaths and tests, highlight the desired results in their “propaganda”.

But is, for example, the number of deaths or cases per million a safe statistic?

Probably not. The only thing you can draw safe conclusions from is the tests per million, which shows the government’s action with regard to the spreading and recording the new coronavirus.

As such, the death toll per million statistics is fictitious, firstly because all the cases have not been recorded and secondly because not all deaths are checked to see whether they resulted from COVID-19. Which means that the figures are not accurate and thus a fictitious image is created.

It might be safer to examine how many deaths have been confirmed from the recorded cases, to see what the mortality rate is, but also the ability of the health authorities of each country.

Another important element is to examine what the immunity of the population is, which can determine the next moves of the governments to lift the restrictive measures. That’s why the more tests that are administered, the safer conclusions can be drawn about the immunity of the population in coronavirus.

In the table below you can see, based on the official data announced, the mortality rate of the cases, the number of tests and the recovery rate of the cases so far.

According to the number of cases, the ranking is: 1.Turkey(1)*, 2.Romania(2), 3.Serbia(3), 4.Greece(4), 5.Bosnia and Herzegovina(6), 6.Croatia(5), 7.Bulgaria(9), 8.North Macedonia(8), 9.Slovenia(7), 10.Kosovo(11), 11.Albania(12), 12.Cyprus(10) and 13.Montenegro(13).

According to the confirmed deaths, the ranking is: 1.Turkey(1), 2.Romania(2), 3.Serbia(3), 4.Greece(4), 5.Bosnia and Herzegovina(7), 6.Bulgaria(8), 7.Slovenia(5), 8.North Macedonia(6), 9.Croatia(9), 10.Albania(10), 11.Kosovo(11), 12.Cyprus(12) and finally 13.Montenegro(13) as the country with the fewer deaths.

According to the cure rate of the confirmed cases, 1.Montenegro(3) come first, followed by 2.Croatia(2), 3.Albania(1), 4.Turkey(7), 5.Kosovo(9), 6.North Macedonia(5), 7.Bosnia and Herzegovina(4), 8.Romania(6), 9.Cyprus(10), 10.Greece(8), 11.Serbia(13), 12.Bulgaria(12), 13.Slovenia(11),, although this is directly related to the amount of time a country has been exposed to the pandemic.

In terms of tests performed per million in each country, the ranking is: 1.Cyprus(1), 2.Slovenia(2), 3.Serbia(6), 4.Turkey(3), 5.Montenegro(4), 6.Romania(8), 7.Bosnia and Herzegovina(12), 8.Croatia(5), 9.Greece(9), 10.North Macedonia(7), 11.Bulgaria(10), 12.Kosovo(11), and most recently 13.Albania(13).

Finally, in terms of mortality rates from coronavirus cases, the ranking is as follows: 1.Slovenia(1), 2.Romania(2), 3.Greece(3), 4.Bosnia and Herzegovina(6), 5.North Macedonia(4), 6.Bulgaria(5), 7.Croatia(9), 8.Albania(7), 9.Kosovo(8), 10.Montenegro(11), 11.Turkey(10), 12.Serbia(12) and finally 13.Cyprus(13)./ibna

* The ranking in the previous record


Country Cases Deaths Recover Test


% Cases/


% Recover/


Turkey 148,067 4,096 108,137 18,874 2,77% 73,03%
Romania 16,704 1,094 9,574 15,776 6,55% 57,32%
Serbia 10,496 228 4,479 19,990 2,17% 42,67%
Greece 2,819 162 1,374 12,109 5,75% 48,74%
Bosnia Herzegovina 2,267 129 1,355 14,780 5,69% 59,77%
Croatia 2,224 95 1,913 12,761 4,27% 86,02%


2,175 105 573 10,761 4,83% 26,34%
North Macedonia 1,762 98 1,267 10,085 5,56% 71,91%


1,465 103 272 33,119 7,03% 18,57%
Kosovo 978 29 713 6,510 2,96% 72,90%
Albania 933 31 714 4,087 3,32% 76,53%
Cyprus 914 17 515 70,716 1,86% 56,35%
Montenegro 324 9 311 16,188 2,78% 95,99%
Total 191,128 6,196 131,197 18,904 3,24% 68,64%