Do fighters who return from war zones pose a threat for FYROM?

Do fighters who return from war zones pose a threat for FYROM?

Experts on issues of security say that the country must be alert against possible terrorist attacks, because ISIS fighters may come back home after conceding losses in Syria and Iraq. The US Department of State annual report on the fight against terrorism underlines that ISIS members are also present in FYROM. According to this report, a wave of ISIS fighters are expected to return to their home countries and they may pose a threat for security.

Professor of security affairs,  Vladimir Pivovarov told IBNA that the state must keep all of those people who return under watch, because they may act as a time bomb.

“We submitted a bill on this about these people, but we have not followed the practice followed by several countries, especially England, which has revoked citizenship for all of those people who have participated in these wars and has not admitted them in the country”, Pivovarov says. According to him, studies must be made to find out why these people adhere to such structures.

Ismet Ramadani of the North Atlantic Committee says that there must be good cooperation between institutions, while underlining the need for cooperation between state institutions and Islamic Community.

“There must be cooperation with the Islamic Community, as this cooperation will enable a system of education against these phenomena. But security institutions must also be alert about the movements of these people who may be connected to structures of terrorism”, Ramadani said.

Minister of Interior, Oliver Spasovski said that the priority of his work will be to boost security measures and prevent attempts for terrorist attacks by ISIS.

In the recent years, the government has made arrests of people who have been involved in fights in the Middle East as part of the ranks of ISIS and those who have been involved in recruitment of people for this terrorist organization. /IBNA