Djuric: Serbs in Kosovo are frightened

Djuric: Serbs in Kosovo are frightened

Pristina, 29 October 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

The head of the Kosovo office in the Serb government, Marko Djuric declared today that Belgrade will demand in Brussels a solution for the issue of the Serbs of Suhadoll, which is part of Mitrovica.

He also said that Belgrade will attempt to stop Pristina’s attempt to make northern Mitrovica part of the southern part ,which is dominated by Albanians.

Djuric warned that the residents of Sudaholl live in constant fear.

“They live in constant fear and are under pressure. Unfortunately, in the north of Kosovo and Metohia, there are Serb continues which are threatened. Sudaholl is part of Mitrovica and this place has been isolated for nearly 16 years”, Djuric said.

Djuric said that he has come to talk to people who are frightened due to the warnings that Sudaholl will be administered by southern Mitrovica and based on the law on territorial organization, the border between southern Mitrovica and northern one passes on Iber river. /ibna/