Djuric: Nobody can remove Serb institutions in Kosovo

Djuric: Nobody can remove Serb institutions in Kosovo

Pristina, 4 March 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

The head of the office for Kosovo in the government of Serbia, Marko Djuric declared that Serbs in Kosovo must rest assured that nobody can remove Serb institutions in the region.

“The first Brussels agreement and the principles for the creation of Serb Communes do not provide any provisions according to which, in order for the agreement to be implemented, Serb institutions in Kosovo must be suspended or like minister Tahiri calls them parallel structures”, Djuric said.

Reacting on Tahiri’s declaration with “by not implementing the Brussels’ agreements, Belgrade is delaying the work of the trilateral group for the dismantlement of parallel structures to Kosovo and that this will have an effect the drafting of the statute of Association”, it often happens that the officials in Pristina represent the Brussels’ agreements untruthfully.

“Tahiri’s declaration is an example of such practice. Serbia’s institutions to Kosovo, which include not only the education and healthcare system in Serb inhabited areas, has never been a topic of talks in Brussels”, Djuric said. /ibna/