Divisions within the SP, Equal List is born

Divisions within the SP, Equal List is born

A new political party is born in the Albanian political spectrum. The Equal List is the youngest party established by former socialist MPs, Ben Blushi and Mimoza Hafizi. This party’s public acronym will be LIBRA.

The two MPs presented their party last evening, asking many Albanians to be part of it and suggesting that they should join an idea and not a single individual.

“We have come here to join an idea and not an individual. We have an idea, which has become a conviction for us. This is LIBRA. You will never be disappointed for deciding to be LIBRA”, said Blushi in the public presentation which saw the participation of hundreds of people, among them known figures of art and media.

“Does our country deserve to generate so much poverty in 25 years? Do we deserve to have the highest number of pollution related diseases? Do we deserve to be so poor and so hopeless? I think not, we think not! LIBRA will be a book of this people which is written by different people of this country”, Mr. Blushi said.

According to Blushi, LIBRA comes from Albanians, for Albanians and it means knowledge, freedom, equilibrium, inclusion and justice.

Then, Hafizi explained LIBRA’s creation. “Good things can only come from equality and freedom. We wanted to be equal and here we are as a seed that grew by proving itself and this is how it will continue to grow”.

“This story is the most special one in the history of Albanian politics. In order for LIBRA to remain as such, we must be free and equal. As of today, our unification starts its difficult democratic work”, Hafizi said.

Ben Blushi was minister of Local Government in the left wing Prime Minister Fatos Nano’s cabinet. Since 2005 when the SP’s leadership was taken over by Edi Rama, Blushi has been constantly critical. A few years ago, he was one of the main MPs of what was known as the Movement for a Different Opinion at the SP. But several months later, this movement ended. For a while, it looked as if Blushi had no differences with the other part of the SP. But two years ago he started to criticize SP and its leader, Rama. A few weeks ago, Blushi announced his decision to levae the SP.

The one thing that caught the eye during last night’s presentation was the lack of the media broadcast. In Albania there are at least 10 news TV networks, which make live connections even with the most unimportant activities. But Blushi’s presentation was not broadcasted in any TV network. /balkaneu.com/