DISY-AKEL welcome the Guterres report – DIKO is challenging Guterres

DISY-AKEL welcome the Guterres report – DIKO is challenging Guterres

They see positive signs but also warnings by the UN Secretary-General

By Michalis Michael

The Cypriot parties respond positively to the Guterres report for its good services, a draft of which was published. Both DISY and AKEL point out that the current procedure under Mrs Lute is continuing, but they emphasize, especially AKEL, that warnings are also recorded.

Government sources at the same time say there are positive elements in the report, but one cannot ignore the fact that the SG himself outlines what needs to be done.

It is a fact that if one wants to find the most positive point of all – in an otherwise rather balanced report by the UN Secretary-General who does not fail to express his dissatisfaction with the lack of progress in the terms of reference – that point is that he reiterates and shifts the focus to the framework. The six points he gave in Crans Montana are the basis on which the process will continue, and this is positive as it cuts off any discussions that have been made from the Turkish side, mainly about other frameworks for solution.

The political parties of Cyprus and the diplomatic background in Nicosia are mentioned. There may be no tangible thing about the terms of reference at this time, but that Mrs. Lute will return to Cyprus and this time, with a more clear programming.

What the parties say

The window of hope for a new process for the Cyprus issue is open, President of the Democratic Rally, Averof Neophytou said, referring to the UN Secretary General’s report, Antonio Guterres.

“At the first reading, we can see that the good services of the SG remain certain, although it is recorded that there has been no progress allowing the terms of reference for the new process”, Neophytou noted.

“The UN Secretary-General outlines a new international conference at the model of Crans Montaña, since his is calling the leaders of the two communities as well as the guarantor powers. He refers to the six points of the Guterres framework but also reaffirms with clear clarity the model for the solution of the Cyprus problem, the bicommunal bizonal federation”, he said.

AKEL Parliamentary Speaker Giorgos Loukaides, in his statements on the report of the UN Secretary-General welcomed the fact that the Secretary-General expressed his intention to continue the effort to resume talks.

“Therefore, the Secretary-General’s reports are cautious, but at the same time they contain peaks and send warning signals to all sides”, he said, adding that despite the fact that Mr Guterres has low hopes with regard to agreeing on the terms of reference, he suggests there is still hope, provided that the parties will get involved in the process, set a specific goal and show determination to reach a successful conclusion in a visible horizon. Mr. Loukaides said that AKEL expects from all sides to use without delay the limited time ahead to agree on the terms of reference and the resumption of the talks from where they stayed in Crans Montaña, based on the framework of the UN Secretary-General.

DIKO: Turkey once again comes out unscathed

“In the extracts from the UN Secretary General’s report, unfortunately there is no reference to the High Level Agreements of 1977 and 1979 on the Cyprus issue and no reference to the UN Security Council resolutions on the Cyprus issue. Unique benchmarks for the UN Secretary-General are the Anastasiades-Eroglu Joint Announcement of 11 February 2014 and the events of the five-day conference in Crans Montana”, Nikolas Papadopoulos said on behalf of DIKO and added:

“Mr Guaterez criticizes public rhetoric on the island, as he mentions, but without identifying the provocative and threatening behavior of Turkey and the occupying regime, the EEZ, Strovilia, and Denia. Turkey remains stagnant and its pirated behavior is equated with the statements οf the Greek Cypriot side”, said the President of the Democratic Party, who also commented on the so-called “confidence-building measure” as far as the mobile telephony is concerned./ibna