Name dispute between Skopje and Athens will not be at the focus of American diplomacy

Name dispute between Skopje and Athens will not be at the focus of American diplomacy

Skopje, November 14, 2013

By Naser Pajaziti

The issue of the name dispute between Skopje and Athens, a debate which has been going on for more than 20 years, is turning into an argument which is no longer the main priority of the diplomacy of large powers.

USA has made it clear on Thursday that the name dispute will not be at the focus of the American diplomacy. On the other hand, European Union doesn’t seem to be very active in solving this issue. On Thursday, one of the most important EU countries, France declared that it doesn’t plan on holding meetings with negotiator Mathew Nimitz.

While foreign diplomacy seems to be tired by this long deadlock in the issue of the name dispute, citizens are the ones who are penalized by this fact. They don’t believe that it’s normal for a citizen’s problem to relate to the name of the country where he was born and lives. Many of them call for the issue of the name dispute to end and Skopje along with Athens to find consensus in order to accept one of the options discussed about the new name of FYROM.


France supports Skopje, Holland doesn’t plan meetings with Nimitz

French ambassador to Skopje, Laurence Auer says that France is ready to help Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, but it hasn’t scheduled any meetings with UNO intermediary for the solution of the name dispute, Mathew Nimitz.

“Currently, there haven’t been any scheduled meetings between president of France, François Hollande and UNO intermediary, Mathew Nimitz. The fact that Germany did it this way, doesn’t mean that France has to do it this way too”, declared today the French ambassador.

She said that in June this year, the French president had met with the Macedonian president, George Ivanov.

Both presidents have talked in the presence of the two foreign ministers in order for France to be able to help in the talks with Greece. Ambassador Auer said that France will continue with its efforts in order to help with this issue, while the focus right now is the preparations for the European Council Summit.


Name dispute will not be at the focus of American diplomacy

Vice assistant US secretary for Europe, Victoria Nunland has declared that the problem of the name dispute between Macedonia and Greece will not be at the focus of the American diplomacy even during her term in office.

While presenting her priorities, Nuland said that in the past, she has personally spent a lot of energies to overcome this issue, but this time the decision must be taken by the states themselves and not USA.

“As far as Macedonia is concerned, in the past, especially in the 2008 NATO Summit in Bucharest, I contributed a lot. I have personally met with prime minister Gruevski and Greek leaders in order to solve the problem. I believe that are two or more formulations which should have been acceptable for both sides. Here we’re talking about dialogue, leadership and selection between the two countries”, said Nuland.

Vice assistant US secretary of state, Victoria Nuland also declared that USA has been encouraged by the dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade with the progress reached under the custody of EU.

“USA offers full support on this process and our further assistance is needed on this one, in order for both countries to meet their objective and to be integrated in European structures”, declared Nuland from the Atlantic Council in Washington. /ibna/