Dishonest competition is damaging Kosovo farmers

Dishonest competition is damaging Kosovo farmers

Pristina, 11 April 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

The import of agricultural products from the countries of the region and beyond is causing numerous damages to farmers from Kosovo. This due to the dishonest competition, the entry of several products which are exempted from taxes and the lower quality of these products. All of these factors make these products cheaper in the market and farmers of Kosovo do not sell their fresh produce.

Tahir Tahiri, head of the Association of the Kosovo Farmers says that one of the biggest concerns of this association relates to the dishonest competition for agriculture of Kosovo coming from the import.

“We have demanded the state’s protection from this competition, but to no avail, because governments never take protective measures against this competition”, Tahiri says.

Customs of Kosovo too may tackle this dishonest competition by taxing imported agricultural products more.

Government of Kosovo considers agriculture as a priority for economic development and creation of new jobs. Investments in this sector have seen an increase in the recent years. However, in Kosovo, the majority of agricultural produces are imported from the European Union while export is minimal. /