Dishonest competition in the automobile market in Albania

Dishonest competition in the automobile market in Albania

Tirana, May 23, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

The automobile market in Albania has seen a progressive growth since 1991. This is the only sector which has never seen a decline. In the recent years, it has evolved. Many people are more and more inclined to buy new cars or little used cars, in contrast to two decades ago, when cars were bought with a lot of mileage on them in Italy, Greece, Germany, etc.

It’s been several years that Albania has seen the arrival of the most well known car dealers, but the prices that they apply are far more expensive than those that are found in the neighboring countries.

Thus, a car that can be purchased in Italy for nearly 10 thousand Euros, can cost 50% dearer in Tirana.

In these conditions, the used car market continues to be intensive and very competitive. Besides this, many luxury cars found in Albania have been stolen in Europe. Some others circulate in the country in an illegal way with forged documents. Even senior officials and prominent figures have often been found using such cars, which are bought several times cheaper than the legitimate ones.

Prime minister Edi Rama visited yesterday “Auto Moto Show”, an automobile fair held in Tirana. He admitted that dishonest competition is aggressive.

“There’s a lot of dishonest competition due to stolen cars or cars sold on the road in an illegal way”, says Mr. Rama.

The prime minister has also called on car distributors to launch an “operation” in order to regulate the market. “We’re working with car deals in order to improve the legislation and conditions that all those who exert such useful activity for development work in. We’re working in difficult conditions too given the dishonest competition that there is”. /ibna/