Discord between PM Tudose and PSD leader Dragnea regarding the governing programme?

Discord between PM Tudose and PSD leader Dragnea regarding the governing programme?

Three days after the Mihai Tudose cabinet was sworn in at Cotroceni Palace, the first signs of discord between the new Premier and PSD leader Liviu Dragnea have appeared, sources say. Allegedly the Prime Minister called the social-democrat leader to tell him he would not apply the governing programme in the current form, antena3.ro reports. Furthermore, the same source says Mihai Tudose has appointed some of the collaborators of Grindeanu cabinet as honorific advisers to the Premier: Şerban-Constantin Valeca and Eugen Orlando Teodorovici.

The same source reads that PM Tudose told Dragnea on Monday the governing programme will not be applied, as it was not approved by him and includes tough issues related to taxes which could ruin the economy. Furthermore, PM Tudose reportedly told Dragnea he would not carry out the party orders blindfolded.

Liviu Dragnea denies conflict

PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea has denied a conflict between him and Mihai Tudose related to the governing programme, mainly to the tax on turnover and the solidarity tax.

“I’ve had a thorough discussion with Mr. Tudose, yesterday and today. The Premier said the same things as he said in the day when he was invested,” Dragnea said, according to evz.ro

Liviu Dragnea said on Wednesday none of the tax measures will not be enforced ‘abruptly’, but only following detailed analyses and simulations. “There is concern on behalf of the parliamentary majority, on the government, that all companies operating in Romania pay fair taxes at the expected level. This does not mean that the two-three measures involved will not be discussed. Nevertheless, none of them will be enforced abruptly, but only following analyses and simulations,” the PSD chairman said at the parliament palace.

He added that the measures that will affect the companies that act correctly, are not going to be enforced.

“It’s hard to believe that only the companies which fail to make profit have arrived in Romania. I have discussed with Tariceanu and we share the same point of view. We will conduct a simulation on the solidarity tax as well and, if the effects are not good, then we will not apply it. We are open to it. We will conduct a thorough analysis. Everybody has to win. We will not apply bad measures,” Dragnea said, according to antena3.ro.

PM Tudose – optimistic about the governing programme

PM Tudose said on Wednesday he is optimistic about the governing programme.

“I’ve read I had disputes with Liviu Dragnea. We didn’t have the chance to talk on Monday. We talked yesterday, after the reception at the embassy, we had a constructive discussion of how to make things work,” Tudose said.

Regarding the governing programme, PM Tudose said he is not sceptical. “I am optimistic. It is Romania’s only chance to come out of this stage; I said it and I repeat it, I’ve said I do not agree with overtax without simulation. If simulations show it turns bad, then it will not be applied,” the Premier said./IBNA

Source: romaniajournal.ro