Discharge of LSI member, Rama: No agreement on CEC changes

Discharge of LSI member, Rama: No agreement on CEC changes

Tiranë, 12 April 2013

Leader of Socialist Party, Edi Rama, made a harsh statement today in response to the decision of the Law Committee to take away the mandate of the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) member in Central Election Commission (CEC).

He said he appreciated the internationals’s postion on this issue and that Prime Minister Sali Berisha is trying to gain control over CEC. He warned Berisha is risking to lose all his serious allies, just like in 1997.

“In the panic of this solitude , Berisha has started the destruction of the election administration institution…shame on him and any MP who follows him…His virulento craziness does not compromise  our coalition’s victory. His fall from power is unavoidable. The violence against institutions compromises Albania’s journey towards Europe. The internationals’ and politicians’ statements are a call to stop this craziness”, stated Rama.

Further, he stated that the leader of the majority should not refrain from his actions, otherwise he will harm Albania’s future.

The leader of the opposition underlined that no unilateral violation of the Election Code shall be tolerated, stressing that the opposition shall not become party to any such agreements.

He added that under no circumstance and for no reason shall the Socialist Party enter in discussions for changes in the CEC composition. /ibna/

The Leader of the opposition appealed to the Prime Minister to stop and not go any further, as this would be a service to the country and to the elections.

Rama stated that “Peaceful rotation would undoubtedly give the outgoing Prime Minister a reason to repent on his approach to holding power at any cost, as he is bound for failure. The partners’ calls are as direct and open as never before as the violations committed from the ruling party are evident.”

He said that CEC is independent from parties and it is important to stress the fact that the CEC does not report to the CEC and that Parliament has no rights over CEC. He pointed out that CEC operates independent of political parties and that no political power has the right to intefere with its work.