Diplomats in Skopje intensify their diplomatic efforts

Diplomats in Skopje intensify their diplomatic efforts

Skopje, 12 May 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Representatives of West European diplomatic centers and from the US, have intensified their diplomatic activities in FYROM, following the conflict taken place in Kumanovo between police forces and an armed group.

Diplomats from the US, EU, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, NATO and several other countries, have held meetings with president George Ivanov and PM Nikola Gruevski. The ambassadors call for the normalization of the situation and launch of political dialogue between all relevant sides in the country.

US ambassador, Jess Baily declared after the meetings that the US is concerned about the situation, while sending his condolences for the police officers fallen during the armed clashes in Kumanovo.

“We send our condolences to the authorities and the citizens of the country for the fallen police officers. We share the sorrow of the residents of Kumanovo who were involved in the violence. We have been supporting the Euro Atlantic integration of this country for a long time and we have expressed our concerns about the political crisis. We call upon the prime minister that his government has not made any positive steps in order to solve the political crisis. This casts serious doubts about the fact that the government is not committed to embrace the democratic values and principles of the Euro Atlantic community”, says the letter sent by the US ambassador Baily to state authorities.

On behalf of all of his colleagues, ambassador Baily condemned the violence and called for composure.

The US ambassador underlined that Gruevski’s government must think of specific reforms, including reforms for the electoral process, freedom of media, independence of the justice system and freedom of speech.

OSCE is on the field to follow the security situation and this organization calls on all sides to contribute for the normalization of the situation and prevention of violence.

The head of OSCE mission in FYROM, Barianne Berecz said that the restore of security is of a vital importance and that this will be enabled through a full inquiry carried out by competent authorities. OSCE mission in Skopje calls for everyone to remain calm. According to her, OSCE is ready to back the efforts for the solution of the situation through peaceful means and to prevent any further escalation.

Messages for calm have also arrived by the European Commission.

EU Enlargement Commissioner, Johannes Hahn said that what happened during the weekend in Kumanovo needs to be clarified and that the event must not discourage the government and opposition to solve the political crisis in the country.

“As a result of this, I call on all involved sides to collaborate in order to clarify what happened, identify who was responsible and act on this issue in a joint manner. Secondly, this attack and this event cannot divert the attention from the domestic political crisis in Macedonia. Thirdly, this attack and event must not be used to further spark ethnically based conflicts. This must be avoided and I ask from everyone to be careful in their reactions, united, transparent and consistent”, said Euro commissioner Hahn.

Intensive activities are also taking place in neighboring countries in order to assess the situation relating to the situation in FYROM. /ibna/