US diplomats call on political parties to form the institutions as soon as possible

US diplomats call on political parties to form the institutions as soon as possible

Pristina, October 2, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Known American diplomats and US state representatives express their concern about the political and constitutional crisis in Kosovo. They have called on leaders of political parties to speed up the formation of the institutions of the country.

Former American intermediary in the talks about the status, Frank Wisner, has called on the Kosovar political leadership to form the institutions as soon as possible, as the delays can have a number of consequences for Kosovo.

He has also given the consequences that he believes Kosovo will have if the political crisis persists.

“What’s happening is not good and we’re at a time when justifications are no longer sufficient. We can all say that you have held very good elections three months ago, by meeting all world standards. The inability to create a new government has a number of consequences which must be taken under consideration by everyone in Kosovo”, said Wisner.

According to him, this mostly affects the image that the world has on Kosovo.

“Will you deserve the EU membership candidacy if you’re not able to create your own government? Will you be a good partner in peace for Serbia without a government? Will you have a good perspective to join NATO in the western security system”? said Wisner.

But, although sides do not seem to harmonize their stances, Wisner says that with the experience that he had with the Unity Team, he believes that political leaders will know how to make compromises for the best interest of the state.

Coordinator for Anti-Terrorism at the US Department of State and former US ambassador to Kosovo, Tina Kaidanow, has called on political parties in the country to solve the political crisis in compliance with the ruling of the Constitutional Court.

Kaidanow said that political parties must come with a solution as soon as possible. /ibna/