DIMAR MP Katerina Markou becomes independent as more MPs leave the party

DIMAR MP Katerina Markou becomes independent as more MPs leave the party


By Spiros Sideris – Athens

The decision to become independent from the “Democratic Left” party (DIMAR) announced this morning the MP from Thessaloniki Katerina Markou.

As Marcus states in the letter she sent to the party’s president Fotis Kouvelis, “DIMAR has removed itself from its original set of values,​ political destination and ideological identity, as a result myself personally feel alienated and distant”.

“The predicament in which the party has gradually found itself into, to date has almost on a daily basis been hindered by a closed, autistic mechanism, that uses past political practices” she says, among other things, and adds: “this mechanism, which is what has remained of DIMAR anymore, I am sorry to say, was always against me in a provocative and insolent manner; to someone who, after all, is a representative of the Greek people”.

After Marcou’s independence, DIMAR’s Parliamentary Group numbers 12 members, while there are 24 independent MPs currently in Parliament.


There have been new developments in DIMAR, as its president Fotis Kouvelis, informed the President of Parliament, Evangelos Meimarakis of his decision, according to which the MP Gregory Psarianos no longer belongs to the party’s Parliamentary Group.

The specific MP with his systematic differentiation and opposition to the initiatives and choices of the party, in addition to his refusal today to endorse the proposal for a referendum on “small PPC”, has come to a complete rupture with the coordinate functions and directions of the Parliamentary Group of DIMAR.

DIMAR, a party that has proven to respect different opinions, has exhausted all possibilities for his inclusion in its Parliamentary Group, despite his obvious contempt for a prolonged period of time for our collective decisions.

The turbulence do not end here for DIMAR thought, since the Central Committee member and former spokesperson of the party, Andreas Papadopoulos, also left the party in the afternoon today, with a post on his account in Facebook and with a letter to Secretary of the party, Thanasis Theocharopoulos.