DIMAR divided in three ‘camps’- the River open to collaborations

DIMAR divided in three ‘camps’- the River open to collaborations


By Spiros Sideris – Athens

Divided into three ‘camps’ are the MPs and party officials of the Democratic Left, in relation to the future of the party. The first view is for the party’s independent and autonomous participation in the elections. In such a case, the risk would be high, as according to polls, DIMAR is still far from the electoral threshold of 3%. However, some members consider that it is worth to try once again for the recovery the party, and if that fails then make decisions, possible eve of national elections, which might even lead to the dissolution of the party. If, again, the party’s recovery is achieved, then there will be a new discussion on the participation of the Democratic Left in another coalition government.

The second view relates to allying with SYRIZA in the electoral campaign. In this case, some members argue that the leadership of DIMAR should decide, in the Congress of the party, the participation of officials of the party on the ballots of SYRIZA as partners. DIMAR might remain as a political entity, but not running for the elections will automatically mean that is has completed its circle. Of course, this proposal remains open whether and under what conditions the leadership of SYRIZA would accept such a proposal.

The third aspect concerns the electoral cooperation with the so-called center-left parties, PASOK and the River. Such a perspective has the advantage of preserving the autonomy of DIMAR. Also in such a coalition the Democratic Left will take part an increased capacity, in connection to a possible cooperation with SYRIZA. But this view is considered difficult to implement, first because the Reform Trend of the MP Lykoudis, which mainly expressed it, has left the party, and second the presence of Venizelos and Kouvelis does not favor such an approach.

The River remains open to collaborations

Every possibility remains open regarding the post-election government collaborations of the “River”, based to what his founder and president Stavros Theodorakis said yesterday, noting that he will announce with whom he will cooperate a month before the elections. Indeed, he has already requested a meeting with Alexis Tsipras, but it has not yet been scheduled.

According to Theodorakis’ statements, if the “River”  refrain from talking with SYRIZA or the New Democracy, it will have no future. This is a disgrace to the political system. We come, not to become ministers, but to provide solutions, to suggest some perons”. With this frame of mind, he added “the debate should be permanent and not unilateral. It should be done with those the Greek people choose to dominate the political scene”.

I am obliged to discuss, Theodorakis said, “with any party win the elections, to see the points of agreement or disagreement and how far I can support it. We will work with anyone, because no one has me in his pocket and I have no reason to accommodate him. I will cooperate when i have to, with people who I feel that provide solutions to the problems of the country”.

Asked about when he will decide with whom he will cooperate, he stressed that he would discuss both with the ND and SYRIZA, and a month before the election the “River” will announce with “whom”.