DIMAR continues its round of contacts

DIMAR continues its round of contacts


By Spiros Sideris – Athens

The meeting of the delegations of SYRIZA and DIMAR will be held on Thursday, following the exchange of letters between the President of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, and the Chairman of DIMAR, Fotis Kouvelis.

As it became known, the two delegations headed by the secretaries of the two parties, Dimitris Vitsas and Thanassis Theocharopoulou respectively, will meet at noon on Thursday in the Parliament.

DIMAR is at the center of a tug of war between PASOK and the forces in favor of the reconstruction of the center-left, and SYRIZA. Despite the losses suffered by the parliamentary groups of DIMAR from the withdrawal of some of its MPs, it remains a party that can be “used” by both PASOK and SYRIZA in the near future.

Last week, the representatives of PASOK asked from the members of DIMAR to stop conversing with SYRIZA. So tomorrow, the delegation of SYRIZA would obviously require the suspension of negotiations with PASOK. This situation has clear intraparty analogies, as DIMAR’s MPs are divided into those in favor of the center-left, and those who are in favor of an approach to SYRIZA, while a third group is in favor of the continuation of the party’s autonomous action, despite the adverse results in May’s elections.

In any case, the contacts of DIMAR with PASOK will continue after August 20, since they have found a common framework at least in some issues. Given the importance that Evangelos Venizelos gives to the approach of DIMAR, in light of the debate on the presidential election, which will take place in autumn, the tones of the members of PASOK towards DIMAR will continue to be low, at least until the party’s congress in mid-September, when Kouvelis is expected to give a more clear line of its intentions.