A difficult opposition

A difficult opposition

IBNA Op-Ed/A day after the closure of the first session of the current parliament legislature, Fatmir Mediu MP analyzes the role of the opposition and the majority. He views the absence of the opposition in parliament with criticism and also criticizes what considers to be  political games of the left wing majority to put the state under political control. Several times a minister of right wing government, Mediu says that the opposition must be clearer about its actions in parliament. Based on the recent movements of several political parties, Mediu wants to be clear as to who is part of the opposition and who is part of the relations with the government. Mediu warns that “this will be a difficult opposition” and appeals for “no part of the current majority to be tomorrow’s ally”. If this happens, Mediu says that it will be destructive in terms of structures, voters and the confidence of Albanians

By Fatmir Mediu

Leader of the Albanian Republican Party

The majority ended it like it started it.

Power for them is not for governing, but a political game to put the state under political control and usurp the economy of this country.

Nothing stops them, they turn everything into bargaining, especially parliament.

This parliament, part of a deformed electoral system, is better than a theater. The buffoonery of speeches, folklore patriotism like school essays, conceal the bargaining for the division of the money power.

The so called Territorial Reform has excluded every element of the functioning of local government, as the government which is closer to the citizens and which serves them. Nobody has talked about local government autonomy, where it has functioned and where it has not. Nobody has taken into consideration the administration and the integrated planning of the territory or the financial decentralization as the necessary element of the growth of autonomy and detachment from the political use of public finances.

What parliament voted is nothing else but a political map of SP and SMI, whereby in areas with high numbers of left wing voters, the number of municipalities has increased, while in other areas, it has decreased. This has only one purpose, to determine the result of the election on the table. This was hastened in order to benefit in the next local government elections and to decide the result of the next political elections.

This is a situation which raises the alarm. Opposition now only has two allies to collaborate. The first one is without any doubt the Albanian citizen. Every leader of the opposition and MP must speak directly to them and not from the capital.

Political analyses made by the DP in the districts has without any doubt had its value, but we must hear what the people think for what we’ve done right or wrong, explain to them our positioning and purposes. We not only need our party structures, but also the citizens, youth, farmers, business, former political dissidents, land owners and intellectuals. Political structures in the districts must collaborate by turning into engines of political thought and action, and not receiving structures, where chairmen who expect a readymade political product that comes from above dominate.

Remember the ‘90s. Everyday, in villages, people were politically ignorant, but they had a sense of belief in the future which turned into belief for all Albanians.

The opposition must clarify itself for the actions in parliament and without any doubt, we must be clear as to who is part of the opposition and who is part of the majority.

Secondly, our ally is the international factor, EU and USA.

This needs coordinated efforts and not spontaneous action. It requires active action by the opposition through embassies in Tirana to prove the illegitimacy, the control and economic destruction which threatens every right and liberty of the citizens.

This will be a difficult opposition and we must be clear that no part of today’s power can be our ally tomorrow. If we have dilemmas in our positioning, this will be destructive for our structures, our voters and the trust of Albanians.

*Former minister of Defense, former minister of Environment, MP

** The opinion of the author doesn’t necessarily represent IBNA’s editorial line