Different reactions on the US Congressional Delegation visit to Montenegro

Different reactions on the US Congressional Delegation visit to Montenegro

US Congressional Delegation, headed by Senator Lindsey Graham, visited Montenegro to meet the highest country officials and to be informed with the present situation in the country.

Montenegro president, Milo Đukanović, at the meeting with the delegation thanked for the visit and for the attention the United States and Congress paid to Montenegro, as well as Washington’s continued support, which he said contributed significantly to maintaining peace, consolidating multi-ethnic harmony, strengthening democracy and implementing social reforms.

“When we regained independence, we said we wanted to bring Montenegro back on the track of European and Euro-Atlantic values. Our vision was clear and we had the strength to achieve that”, Đukanović said.

He emphasized the role Congress played in these endeavours, and particularly the contribution of the late Senator John Mc Cain.

The Montenegrin President also stressed the importance of more dynamic integration of WB since it would maintain the EU’s enthusiasm about the enlargement policy.

“We really firmly believe that WB belongs to the EU and that this region could become an integral part of the European system of values”, Đukanović said.

The delegation also met with the Montenegro Prime Minister, Duško Marković. Participants agreed that the Montenegrin-US partnership is important for Montenegro’s further democratic and economic development, and represents support for stability and the European perspective of the region. The Prime Minister informed the delegation about all aspects of democratic and economic development that Montenegro has been recording on a continuous basis, especially in recent years.

During the visit, US Congressional Delegation leader Lindsey Graham said that forces undermining Montenegro’s efforts in the path of democracy should be defeated, and Montenegro’s next parliamentary Elections 2020 will be a test of whether Montenegro is – firmly an established democracy.

“Forces that want to undermine Montenegro’s efforts on its path to democracy and that undermine efforts towards its path to NATO are also forces working against us. And it is important that we defeat them here, not only for the future of Montenegro but also for the future of the entire region,” said Lindsey.

For opposition parties, this statement is proof that Montenegro is the puppet in the US hands. Democratic Front MP Jovan Vučurović said that the visit of US senators to Montenegro, besides abounding in scandalous statements, showed once again that the government in Montenegro is a puppet government.

“The regime humiliated Montenegro a long time ago, so this visit was used to demonstrate the absence of dignity and state responsibility by the President of Montenegro, the President of the Parliament and the Government. The US senators obviously did not come to speak with statesmen and partners, but to hear reports and make installations of those executing orders from certain offices of the US deep state”, Vučurović said.

Member of the Management Team of the United Montenegro Vladimir Dobričanin announced that US Senators’ interference in the Montenegro interior affairs could be considered as the beginning of the DPS election campaign.

“They talk about democracy and independence, but they dictate to the Montenegrin authorities what and how they are allowed, with particular reference to integration processes”, Dobričanin said.

According to Dobričanin, “this proves once again that Montenegro does not have its own policy, either internal or external, that it is a servile policy that destroys the dignity of citizens and democracy. And this is exactly the kind of democracy that senators refer to, better to say, “dictate” in their statements.

Dobričanin reminds that similar statements by other diplomats and statesmen were considered a threat to the sovereignty of Montenegro./ibna