Diaspora is a source of economic stability in Kosovo

Diaspora is a source of economic stability in Kosovo

Migrant workers living abroad continue to send money back to Kosovo. According to the report of the Central Bank of Kosovo, during the first eight months of this year, migrant workers have sent around 800 million euros in Kosovo.

According to the official data, the highest remittances have been sent in the month of August, namely 98,6 million euros.

Expert of economics, Shkelzen Dakaj told IBNA that the Diaspora has a big effect in the political, economic and financial aspect.

“As a result of the remittances that the Diaspora has sent, Kosovo’s economy continues to grow. However, more should be done to draft economic policies to bring migrant workers as investors in the country”, he says.

The process of the census of the Diaspora, which has started in 2013 has registered so far around 400 thousand citizens of Kosovo who live in different countries of Europe and the world. Most of them live in Germany, Switzerland and USA. /balkaneu.com/