Dialogue with Serbia has no other alternative, Kosovo’s president says

Dialogue with Serbia has no other alternative, Kosovo’s president says

During the signing of the agreement with the Millennium Challenge Corporation in the USA, the President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi has commented on the perspective of talks between Kosovo and Serbia.

Thaçi said that there’s no other alternative to the dialogue between the two countries and that good neighboring relations have been set out as a prerequisite for further advancements in the Euro-Atlantic integration path.

“Peace between Kosovo and Serbia means peace and stability throughout the region and also a safe Euro-Atlantic perspective for Kosovo and Serbia. So, both countries will benefit out of it. I’d like to believe that a new chapter of dialogue will open between Kosovo and Serbia”, Thaçi said.

According to Thaçi, in the near future, meetings may be held in New York for the normalization of relations between the two countries.

“We will work hard to normalize relations between the two countries, because this is in the interest of Kosovo, Serbia and the region and we will also work hard for Kosovo to adhere to the United Nations.

As far as Kosovo’s recognition is concerned, this will happen in the near future and that institutions of Serbia will decide on this. We cannot impose timelines or an agenda for them, but one thing is sure: Kosovo and Serbia find themselves in a status-quo, therefore we need to facilitate each-other’s European and Euro-Atlantic perspective to each other”, Kosovo’s president said. /balkaneu.com/