Dialogue is the only way to overcome political crisis, Kosovo president says

Dialogue is the only way to overcome political crisis, Kosovo president says

Pristina, 1 February 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

President of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga has called today on political leaders to sit down and talk in order to find a solution for the political crisis.

“It’s necessary for our political leaders to sit down in a round table and find a solution. I have been extremely active during these months. I have undertaken two steps in order to contribute in the solution of this crisis. My invitation has been open and continues to be open for all political leaders, in order for them to sit down and find a solution”, Jahjaga said.

Jahjaga stressed once again that violence and vandalism are not a solution to the political crisis.

“Violence against police and vandalism to private and public property cannot be justified. Law and order must be reintroduced and the capital must go back to normality. Citizens of Kosovo cannot remain hostages of an abnormal situation that rules in our country”, Jahjaga said.

Meanwhile, opposition parties have announced a protest on 17 February, Independence Day, in Pristina demanding the resignation of the government.

The three opposition leaders, Visar Ymeri of Self Determination, Ramush Haradinaj of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo and Fatmir Limaj of the Incentive for Kosovo, have invited the citizens to participate in this protest in order to defend the republic, constitution and the demand for the government to resign. /ibna/